You will need
  • UV lamp (for home use is enough to buy a small lamp), bonder, clear gel varnish, which is used as a basis and as a top coat, colour gel Polish, soft fine-grained nail file, a special tool for removing the top layer (you can use plain alcohol or vodka), cotton pads, a special liquid for removing gel Polish.
Nail preparation. To treat the cuticles or to push it with a wooden stick. To treat the nail plate soft narkosemittel nail file to become slightly opaque. Degrease by wiping with a cotton pad moistened with alcohol. It is necessary for better adhesion of the nail with the material.
Cover the nail bonder. It operates on the principle of double-sided tape, i.e., "glues" the nail surface with gel nail Polish. To give the bonder to dry for several minutes.
Apply base layer clear gelPolish to the nails of one hand, excluding thumb. Put it in a lamp for 2-3 minutes. The nails on the big toes the "light" separately, on both hands.
Gently apply a color gel Polish, retreating mm from the cuticle. Also place the lamp on for 2-3 minutes. The translucent varnish can be applied in one coat, opaque in 2-3 coats, drying each coat under a lamp. In the process the entire procedure until the nails do not touch.
To cover with a transparent gel Polish again, put the lamp on for 2-3 minutes. Then wet a cotton pad with a special fluid or alcohol and treat nails. (Professionals call it removing the sticky layer). And perfect manicure is ready! Nails do not need additional drying, are not lubricated and are not erased.
After two or three weeks, the gel Polish should be removed. Regular liquid nail Polish remover you won't need to buy a special. The technology is fairly simple: water liquid a small piece of cotton pad, apply to the nail plate and wrap with foil. After 30-40 minutes, the coating will flake off.