Employment centres, where they pay unemployment benefit, is offered unskilled jobs without education. Such professions include the janitor, the salesman, nurse, ancillary worker. Doesn't sound attractive, especially for girls. But even those who have no diploma, you can look for something better.
Of course, if you have no experience, first it will be difficult to find a decent job. But today, private entrepreneurs and even some businesses take employees with training. It is worth to try yourself as a travel Manager, courier, Secretary, cashier. Professional skills required for such work, are closely linked to personal qualities – sociability, responsibility, ability to navigate the terrain, discipline.
For those who, for one reason or another are not enrolled in high school, you should try making money online. This is the best job with no education, does not require investments. Options in the Internet lots.
For example, you can participate in paid surveys. It is very easy to register on the questionnaire, fill in the form, which will come in the mail, and receive money by answering questions.
Copywriting is a very popular month. However, writing articles to order. For this you need to be literate and possess writing skills. But if you start with simple familiar topics, gradually honing the skill, you can achieve a good level of earnings.
You can also create your website and earn on it. And the creation and promotion can be left to the professionals. However, you need to invest certain amount of money. But the site will begin to generate income much faster.
There is another form of income for people without education - private business. And not necessarily need a large starting capital. At first, it is sufficient to have a hobby and a strong desire to get rich. Example of successful people, and graduated from the University, are Steve jobs, bill gates, mark Zuckerberg.
Start your private business in network marketing. There are many reliable companies that for a nominal fee give you the opportunity to start a business from scratch. Just need to get rid of prejudice against a MLM business and not to be confused with a pyramid scheme.
Without education, it is not easy to establish your income. So you have to clearly imagine, who would like to work and daily efforts to achieve your goal. This means constantly to study the selected direction, to improve their skills.