Greatly improve your appearance. If you have extra weight that you spoil and who didn't love your ex-boyfriend – immediately repair it in the gym. If you have never applied makeup, learn how to neatly apply the cosmetic on the face, refreshing it and improving its appearance. Transformed with the help of a stylist in a beauty salon, change the image, update the wardrobe. You have to be "in full swing" even for a chance meeting with an ex.
Now look for meetings with ex-boyfriend. And do so unobtrusively. Sign in his life as much as possible. Ask your common friends to arrange a home party or a country picnic where you will be invited together. You know the interests of your boyfriend. So, connect to them, join in the same sports section or the clubs he goes to.
Meeting ex-boyfriend every time as if by chance, don't look at him crying and pleading look. Be cheerful, show that and don't need anybody. What you need to say easy, light and good. And you just once again glad to see.
Do not use to rendezvous with ex-boyfriend drastic steps. Do not try to drag him to bed. The next day he can again easily from it to slip, just apologizing to you for a moment of weakness. You need a completely different result. And it is not achieved in one week. You may have to wait a long time before the guy will again turn in your favor. So please be patient.
Very rarely, but remind him of himself with phone calls, texting. The conversation must wear a casual nature: "How are you? I wanted to hear. Saw you in my sleep, it was nice from this dream" and so on.
If you notice that the process of luring ex-boyfriend is tightened, it pushes you, but not closer to yourself – strengthen your actions. For example, one combines friendly parties try to retire with him and the friendly conversation suddenly kiss. And then act according to circumstances.