Advice 1: How to get a guy if he meets another

Before you return an ex-boyfriend who spite you or for their own interest started Dating someone new, think about whether you need it. Remember why you broke up. So, something did not suit you in your relationship with that person. If, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", you still want to deliberately bring back ex-boyfriend "on track", please note the following suggestions on how this could be done.
How to get a guy if he meets another
Greatly improve your appearance. If you have extra weight that you spoil and who didn't love your ex-boyfriend – immediately repair it in the gym. If you have never applied makeup, learn how to neatly apply the cosmetic on the face, refreshing it and improving its appearance. Transformed with the help of a stylist in a beauty salon, change the image, update the wardrobe. You have to be "in full swing" even for a chance meeting with an ex.
Now look for meetings with ex-boyfriend. And do so unobtrusively. Sign in his life as much as possible. Ask your common friends to arrange a home party or a country picnic where you will be invited together. You know the interests of your boyfriend. So, connect to them, join in the same sports section or the clubs he goes to.
Meeting ex-boyfriend every time as if by chance, don't look at him crying and pleading look. Be cheerful, show that and don't need anybody. What you need to say easy, light and good. And you just once again glad to see.
Do not use to rendezvous with ex-boyfriend drastic steps. Do not try to drag him to bed. The next day he can again easily from it to slip, just apologizing to you for a moment of weakness. You need a completely different result. And it is not achieved in one week. You may have to wait a long time before the guy will again turn in your favor. So please be patient.
Very rarely, but remind him of himself with phone calls, texting. The conversation must wear a casual nature: "How are you? I wanted to hear. Saw you in my sleep, it was nice from this dream" and so on.
If you notice that the process of luring ex-boyfriend is tightened, it pushes you, but not closer to yourself – strengthen your actions. For example, one combines friendly parties try to retire with him and the friendly conversation suddenly kiss. And then act according to circumstances.
There are such a commonplace phrase about the former men and women who once broke up: "don't need men to return – they will return themselves" or "Guys go, but they often return". Perhaps when deciding how to win back an ex, the woman should just wait and "go with the flow", and the fate she will find her.

Advice 2: How to get a guy, if he doesn't love you

Sometimes women don't appreciate her man. All his actions are taken for granted. And it happens at the worst he gets. Only then she realizes how she missed him. How to return a man? How to put everything in the old place?
How to get a guy, if he doesn't love you
So, before taking any attempt to think - do you really need it. Perhaps love is gone, left only a habit, and one river twice. Decided for themselves that this man in your life? Well, begin to act.
The first thing with him nicely to leave. No tantrums, insults, tears. Keep yourself with dignity. If you throw a scandal, the man once again to make sure that you need to run and as far as possible. But no need to play the ice - man decides that your relationship was initially unimportant and indifferent for you. The most important thing that he saw you in pain.
Release the man. Do it psychologically. Do not call, do not write SMS, don't obsess on the street. Just forget it for a time that is better be spent on debriefing. Try to understand why he dumped you. Do not attempt to return to the previous relationship, do not commit the old mistakes. It is better to start with a clean slate. A new format of relations will be a more viable option both for you and for him.
Take care of yourself. You must be really tired. Make an appointment with the beautician, make new hairstyle, update your wardrobe. Change the environment - go somewhere to relax. It will help to think about your new strategy.
You have to have a private life. Not sitting at home shedding tears over joint photos. Meet with men. Appears with her new partner in places where your ex. It must hurt. But don't tell everyone how you really happy with your new choice, and certainly do not compare him to your ex. No man will tolerate such comparisons, and all attempts to return it will be fruitless.
After all the steps try to ask him for help. Of course he can refuse, citing the fact that you have a new follower. And you casually tell him that all this is fleeting, that still remember him and miss him. You are once again alone and can only rely on his support. In love is all good - press on pity and compassion. And now a little flirting and female above. It is up to you. Properly dispose given, and he will again be in your arms. Women's wisdom always worked wonders.
Really want to warn: never go to sorcerers, sorcerers. Do not try to bewitch a man, no matter how much you love him. Because the spell is the suppression of the will. The person does not understand what he was doing, it will lead some unknown force. It will be another man who will suffer and suffer. You don't want to hurt your loved one? And according to this dispense magic potions and Voodoo.

Advice 3: How to get a guy, if he loves another

To get a guy who's in love with another girl, not just. Try to compete their appearance in this case makes no sense. Your task is not to focus his attention on himself, using all sorts of tricks, and to be myself and show real feelings.
How to get a guy, if he loves another

Who does he like?

If you want to get a guy who's in love with another girl, don't try and compete with it, it could cause you to have a strong jealousy, and she, in turn, will prevent you to function properly. Before to get a guy, find out who this girl is, whether you have chances of success? Find out how serious the relationship? Are they happy together? If you realize that they love each other, think about whether to intervene in their relationship? If it turns out that they are just friends, you have good chances to get your boyfriend back.

Find out your ex better

If your ex-boyfriend started Dating another girl, you probably don't know all about it, perhaps he is not getting from you what to expect. Often try to be with him, for example, if you are studying in one class, participate with them in common projects that are interesting to him, show interest in his endeavors in various businesses. Find out what he likes to do in his spare time, if you have any common Hobbies.

If you learn about new Hobbies with her ex-boyfriend, for example, sports or some Hobbies, try to study the issue. Show that you have similar interests with him, and help myself naturally. Don't stress that you are doing it especially for him.

Become a friend for him

Regardless of why you broke up, if you want to get a guy, you need to become a better friend to him. In no case do not discuss with him his current girlfriend, do not insult her and do not tittle-tattles. Your task is again to impress him.

Honestly answer the question about his feelings for ex-boyfriend. Do you still love him or is it jealousy and you just hard to see him with another girl. Don't mistake your feelings, they can lead to a new breakup.

Take your time

If you become good friends, do the next step. Often arrives in his company, visiting with him various events (sporting event, theater, etc.), hint to him about the date. But don't be too pushy and take your time, your suggestions are initially should be friendly and innocent. If your relationship with ex-boyfriend with his current girlfriend not too serious and you are able again to reach out to him, his return to you will be only a matter of time.
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