If your relationship was a crisis, and the guy decided that you should break up, do not worry too much. Often feelings can return. Of course, it will take a certain amount of time and your energy, but after overcoming such a situation, your feelings will become stronger and stronger. The first and most important rule – do not make the scandals and quarrels. It is because of these relationships can end for good. Calmly discuss the situation.
You have two ways to restore relations. First – always be there for him, the second is to give respite, after which resume your senses. Each path has both its drawbacks and its advantages. Only you can decide which one should be used.
If you decide to try the first option, explain to the young man that you very used to his society and the first time it will be very difficult without it. Offer him friendship, communication without any hint of love. It is unlikely that your guy will turn you down.
Cook a man a delicious meal
Now you need to prove that he needs you as a woman and as a favorite. Try to become for him indispensable: solve his little problem, let's advice. It is a good idea to go to his house to clean or cook food. Your meetings should be regular, but of course you must not behave like an abandoned friend. He become an accomplice, an ally, a true partner. And after some time the young man realizes that he needs you not only in this role.
But this realization may take a long time. To speed up the process, call it jealousy. For example, report that someone has offered you a serious relationship or even marriage. Ask him how you best to proceed. But the guy needs to understand that between you and your fictional Beau still had no relationship. Most likely, the young man will offer you to renew your love for fear of losing you.
If you decide to go the second route, on time, stop any contact with your ex boyfriend. You'll need to wait 2-4 weeks. During this time, make yourself more perfect. Take care of their appearance and character. Before the next meeting of the young person should be pleasantly surprised with the changes that have occurred in you.
Arrange an unexpected meeting with him. It will have to frequent the places he visits. Intercourse should be enjoyable and fun, do not reproach him, do not call it anger. On the contrary, tell us how much good has happened in your life, and offer to hang out again some time. Well, during the second meeting, try to lead him to the idea that you need to start all over again. Maybe the guy will understand this is not right. So do not worry and seek re-appointment.
The meeting should be a surprise