Assess the situation and understand what caused you to break up with a guy or what made him break up with you. The cause of the breakup is an important time to restore relations. If the reason were serious and insulting to one of you, for example, deception, betrayal, humiliation, think twice before taking any further action.
Boys throw, if something ceases to hold in a relationship or the girl. Try to return to the girl he fell for in the beginning. However, this is another reason to think about it, and if he liked you for real, or he was in love with the image that you initially created. You stood there, your personality has evolved and changed, and if he can't make you be what you become, it may together not be true.
To return guy can, continuing to chat with mutual friends. One way or another you will face in the General company, you have to support easy communication, and at some point feelings can be rekindled. At the same time about their ideas and plans should not talk to common friends, to share experiences, ask for help, so as not to disturb the natural course of things and the cyclical return of relations with the ex-boyfriend.
If you are preserved warm friendly chat, just talk to your ex-boyfriend on the phone or over a Cup of coffee. Let him know how bad you feel, how you experience and suffer from that your feelings have not subsided. Perhaps you will give another chance. Be honest with a guy is very much appreciated and inspires confidence. It is advisable to ask what went wrong in the relationship, and that should correct the behavior.
And finally, internally get over your breakup. This means that you must be willing to let go of the guy. When a relationship ends, and the woman refuses to let your other half it sends a very clear signal of desperation and suffering. It's quite humiliating for her. Try to calm down, behave smoothly, easily, and do not Express the complete dependence of the former guy and a willingness to endlessly wait for a second chance. Instead, hold your head up high, accept the breakup and wish him all the best. If he continues to have strong feelings for you, he quickly raised concerns that the relationship is really over forever, and the first to take the initiative.