Analyze your relationship. Try to understand why there was a gap. And in any case not saivites into a corner and pass in front of difficulties. You need to be collected, the only way to bring back a loved one. Unnecessary tantrums and tears to anything. Better consider their next steps.
It is not necessary to annoy him with their constant calls, texting, complaining, and showing that you are suffering without it. Do not insist on meetings. Let it rest, to gather my thoughts. The ideal option for you would be a chance encounter, which you can adjust yourself. Be friendly and charming with his former partner, but let them know that the world did not collapse after his departure from your life. Perhaps his ambiguous behavior you will make him jealous and he will decide to resume the relationship.
Wait time. He needs to realize that you are a wonderful mistress and you better find it. Do not rush to action. Let the lover be aware of your status without you. Use the waiting time to their advantage: improve, develop, for example, in the sexual sphere. Sign up for my erotic massage class or learn to dance or plasticity of his body. You can take care of your appearance. Visit a beauty salon, change the image. Jog to the shops, buy yourself a beautiful sexy outfits and stylish underwear in future to appear before a loved one even more attractive.
If lot of time has passed, and you still can't forget your love, try to meet him and talk in a relaxed environment. Tell him that you still love and miss you. Show that you are ready to change. Perhaps the situation will be resolved in your favor.
In the case when the gap is associated with the appearance of another woman, try to learn about it. Who she is, her strengths and how serious your ex lover to her. Maybe you should make new friends and switch to another man.