Try to figure out where your left young man. This will depend on your future strategy and tactics. If you went to another girl, you will need to understand what it "caught" your man, as well as what you lack in his eyes. If he was going nowhere, you will probably be even harder to get it back. But in any case will have to work on yourself, on your character and behavior.
The first thing you must understand is that from the same run and out of relationships and, especially, to beg him to come back is useless. If you do, you will only cause him irritation and will alienate even more. Keep and not humiliate yourself. Preserving his dignity, then you will be pleased with yourself.
Try to stay calm. If possible, go "shoulder to cry on" to another person – a close relative, friend, counselor or priest. Someone will be able to understand you and regret, a little to calm and regain some of the common sense that you can reason and act sensibly. If you have used all the trouble to keep to themselves, find their inner strengths and gather.
Remember that your boyfriend talked about your mutualrelationship's, because surely such conversations or hints was, only you didn't give them values. Try even now to perform. Acknowledge your mistakes. Once again I appreciate the opportunity to build with this person for a common future. Maybe you're going to chase the illusive happiness? Wouldn't it be better if you don't restore your friendship?
Understand that it is impossible to return the past to fix something in previous relationshipsx you too will not succeed. Therefore, developing a plan for the return of a loved one, try to forget about what happened earlier. Start all over again.
Look at yourself: how you look and how to behave with people. You have a lot of time to devote to the return of its former attractiveness and improve your self-esteem. Until then, until you like yourself and others, avoid any meetings with your ex boyfriend.
Try to love yourself a little more. Do what you like. Often deliver yourself a treat and do pleasant shopping, go on vacation wherever you like, take care of your appearance, join a club or sports section. Your life should be filled with joy.
When you feel that you have changed internally, and can safely and abstractly to think about the past, organize fleeting, "accidental" meeting with his former lover. On the one hand, you will understand whether in fact the resumption of relations, and on the other feel at his reaction, possible new romance.
If a young man suddenly called himself, is the first victory. Don't turn it into a new defeat. Be discreet and don't let the guy no promises to meet, and, moreover, do not restart old disassembly.
If you and he still was found, do not touch a previous relationship. Communicate like any problem you had. The guy must feel that you understand that you are new, unpredictable and desirable.
In the same case, if the guy was recovered, make conclusions about how to build relationships with future partner to avoid such fatal mistakes. You have a chance to be happy.