Even happy marriages tend to break down, and if her husband loved another, don't blame the incident on himself or a loved one. How to reverse the situation, in this case, what to do, and whether to "save" the family, to decide not you. Try to call the wife for a serious honest conversation, comfort in communicating beyond the tact and courtesy. With my husband it is better to talk calmly, without accusations, grandiose scandals, and without raising my voice, forgetting about the profanity. A serious and calm conversation will allow you to learn its future intentions and to determine what actions should be performed.

In the event that when a spouse fell in love with another woman, use my feminine wiles, finding out from a man, very carefully, what he is attracted to your opponent. But excessive persistence in questions and further rudeness on your part will only lead to failure, so you need to act cleverly. If you can understand why having lived together happy years favorite people warm to you and began to look for a new passion, you will get a chance to stitch a family, changing the situation in their favor. Even if you are the perfect wife, try to be a little better, using in practice the qualities of your opponent.

But if the husband has loved another truly, and strives to create a family with new love, keep him next to me just pointless. Let go of a loved one, do not start squabbling during the breakup, and do not try to arrange some "serious conversations" and scandals with his new lover – such actions you only drop your credibility in the eyes of the husband, almost ex. Show him that you are attractive and happy, you are a real person and could easily live without it.

Divorce better serve yourself by showing your spouse that you do not intend to keep him, even though it hurts. And then try to unwind, throw a party for your girlfriends, go to the theatre or cinema, sign up for classes at a fitness club, do some shopping, change the appearance in a beauty salon. Maybe the years of the marriage, which seemed so happy, you just lost track of him, forgetting that you are not only a wife but also a person? Deleted from the memory of the husband of the traitor, remember the negative sides of his character, mentally razreshite the shortcomings of the former spouse in the brightest colors and you will definitely become easier.