The gap has a severe impact on the woman's self-esteem, even if the spouse was not beloved. She feels like a loser, because the family, which seemed established forever, was a flop venture. In this situation it is important not to blame yourself for the breakup. The man chose another? This does not mean that you are worthless.
You have time to correct the situation. You have dedicated yourself exclusively to the care of the family? Now take care of your appearance, health, change your wardrobe, update your hairstyle. These simple maneuvers are an amazing way to heal from an inferiority complex.
To drown grief in wine, to indulge in partying, to hatch plans for revenge on her rival in love is not at all effective measures, and attempts to drown out the emotional pain. You are experiencing a serious stress to deal with that alone not just. Consult with a psychologist. He doesn't bring her husband back, but get rid of the idea that life is over.
Your task is to accept the fact that her husband left and never stop loving yourself. Let him know that you don't intend to bury yourself in the four walls, waiting for his return. Leave the door open. If you are really ready to take it back, tell him he can come back if you want, but do not beg him to do it.
No matter how difficult, not to withdraw into themselves. Talk to people, get out to parties, don't throw your favorite hobby. At first, positive emotions are weak, especially if you are used to spend leisure time with her husband. But over time, you will feel significant relief.
Flirt with other men! Let you are not yet ready for a new relationship, but to feel beautiful and desirable very nice. Do it yourself gifts. Travel, even for a couple of days in a nearby town. Husband can not catch you at home? Well, this is its complexity.