Advice 1: How to deal with an ex to come back

Parting with a loved one does not always mean the end of a relationship, because these feelings will survive even the problem. Correct behavior with your ex-husband or boyfriend will help to return you the status of a couple for a few months.
How to deal with an ex to come back
Think over his decision to back former partner. For a start, clearly decide whether you really want it. Maybe you played affected pride or fear of losing one. If you love this man and realize he made a mistake, take action.
Try not to disappear from his sight. Surely during your relationship you have many mutual friends and acquaintances. They will become the reason for your meetings. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other events, the celebration of which you're both invited, will help you to see and not forget about each other.
Remind about yourself rare calls. Shared life means shared problems. And after breaking up they don't disappear immediately. They will be an occasion for periodic calls. Leaking faucet, broken computer, search one or another thing in the house - all this is a reasonable reason to contact your ex. Say Hello, quickly ask for his deeds and go directly to the point. If he offers his help, do not give up.
Show that you have changed. If you broke up, it means that something in you is not satisfied. Work on yourself and be sure to demonstrate that you have become another. He didn't like your Hiking in the cafe with friends when they call you night mention that you are at home; it did not suit that constantly sit at home - buy a subscription to a fitness club and enroll in foreign language courses. It is important not just to lure the former and stay with the former, but really to do something that this time the relationship failed.
Get a fan. There is nothing better to attract the attention of the former than the new man next to his woman. Not the wild play of passion and love. Just show that you are able to move on, to find a man who will get all of what he lost. Jealousy is your best helper.
In any case, not zabyvayte ex back with children. Such a dirty game will not lead to anything good. Your problems do not dare, and for returning relations you need to do just that.
Useful advice
Become happy. Do not play the role of happy with life, and really do everything to become one. Realizing that you can get pleasure from life without him, your ex realizes that he lost a decent woman.

Advice 2: How to behave with friends

Someone from friends, trusting relationship for life. With others there is a convergence for some time, and then women remain just friends. But often the success of the relationship between the girls does not only depend on the ability to choose the right friends and common interests, but also from the ability to behave towards them.
How to behave with friends
Be attentive to your friends. Communicate often, listen to them carefully and try to help, if necessary. But what would a warm and trusting relationship between you any good, not to impose his opinion and give advice if you don't ask.
Be sensitive in relationships. If someone of your friends relationship issues, or money is tight, try not to stick out their successes and achievements. Better hear and sympathize with is appreciated. But if in the same situation you find yourself, you will be able to count on the wholehearted support of my girls.
If you feel that one of your friends obsessed with his own person, tries to humiliate you or to assert themselves at your expense, try to keep your relationship with her to a minimum. From a "friend" can be expected any trouble.
None of your friends should not determine how you dress, with whom and when to meet, what to do, etc. everyone should Have their own space.
If you do not like the behavior of a friend, it is not necessary to involve the others her friends. Better to openly talk to her, tactfully and gently point out the error. A smart girl will appreciate it and learn to behave differently.
When I make a mistake in something you know how to say the word "sorry". Like other people, your friends in need of moral support, compliments, ego boost. So do not feel sorry for them too. That doesn't mean you have to fawn before them, but a good word everybody needs.
All problems in personal and family life girlfriend have to decide for yourself. Even if you are asked to Express their opinion, it is better to do it casually or try to laugh it off.
Their problems of an intimate nature should not publicize. The less you have to acquaint the friends with the details of your relationship with your boyfriend or husband, the less problems will get in the future.
The guy your girlfriend is her boyfriend. No signs of attention, and especially courtship on his part to not be. If you will not adapt, will not be unnecessary cause for conflict.
Do not expect that your friend will behave as they expect from you. They simply may not understand what you want from them. Therefore it is better to speak clearly about their desires.
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