The first thing you need to understand what teaching activity would you like to do. Is this teaching the younger pupils, older pupils or students. Maybe you want to teach the basics of the profession adults.

In each case there is your way to begin to teach. To become a primary school teacher who can get special education in school. To do it can anyone after 9th grade.

High school everything is more complicated. Here knowledge acquired in school is not enough. You need to get a higher education. At least one. It is desirable that it was a teaching INSTITUTION, but if you have any other higher education, the road to school you open. The main thing — it is excellent to understand the subject you will teach. For example, graduates from technical institutes may apply their knowledge in practice, he began to teach physics or computer science in school.

But to teach in higher education, will have to get additional education at the master's degree. Without diploma of graduation you will not be able to lecture yesterday to students. Of course, to begin to teach, you can not get a specialized education. If you are fluent in something, you can tutor or to explain the material lagging classmates. Subsequently, you will be able to enroll and graduate from specialized courses because you will have important skills in students.

To teach not only at school. Today is very promising is the work of a business coach. This is an opportunity to teach people how to make a career. In order to begin to teach the basics of the profession, you need to be a successful employee, to have experience, to constantly improve and gain more skills.