You will need
  • phone;
  • - documents (your passport, passport of the deceased, his insurance policy and outpatient records).
Call for an ambulance. Report the death to come, the team stated it. Medical officer will need to issue you with a written statement of death or a cover sheet. Call police officer. He will have to make the Protocol of examination of the body and transmit it to you.
If the body be transported to the morgue, call the special car for transportation. All the documents tell the officers troparevski. These employees will receive the referral form to the clinic to provide a card of the deceased, if no card you have on hand. If the body was not transferred to the morgue, then collect all documents, patient card, passport of the deceased, insurance policy and contact the clinic for drawing up the death certificate.
If the body has been transferred to the morgue, the death certificate will be there. To do this in the clinic bring your passport, passport of the deceased, the direction of the service troparevsky, insurance policy and ask the patient card's postmortem epicrisis, and then pass it to the morgue. After receiving the death certificate, contact the Registrar for a certificate with the official seal and the certificate of death.
In cases where the person did not die at home (on the street, at a party, etc.), after receiving the documents from the ambulance and police call transportation the morgue of the district in which the person was. The death certificate will be drawn up in the morgue after presenting your passport and the passport of the deceased. With this certificate you need to pass the body to the morgue at the place of residence.
After all the procedures and all the paperwork, call one of the services involved in funeral services, or they themselves go to the funeral parlor for the funeral.