For benefits to close relatives, spouses or other persons who have taken on the responsibility for the burial must obtain a certificate of death in bodies the registry office. Help you can get through the day after the recognition of a person dead, for example, on the basis of a medical report. For this you need to contact the authorities conducting the recording of civil status documents, medical documents, confirming the death of a person.
You may receive this benefit for six months from the date of death. The accrual of benefits occurs within one day after treatment.

The body where you should apply for benefits depends on the social status of the deceased:

1. Pension Fund or other authorities which paid a pension to the deceased if he was a pensioner.

2. To the employer of the deceased or organization for social insurance, if the deceased was insured under compulsory social insurance or were minors.

3. In the bodies of social protection of the population (RUSZN) if the deceased was not insured under a contract of compulsory social insurance or, in the case of a stillborn child at the expiration of the maximum period of maternity – 196 days.

4. In the social insurance Fund, if at the date of death the deceased was registered therein as the insured, and if there was one of the parents of the deceased minor.
When applying you must:

1) write a statement to receive benefits;

2) attach a death certificate and passport;

3) submit the work book of the deceased pensioner, if he did not work;

4) to enclose a certificate from the Fund of social protection of the population that the deceased did not take on the responsibility for compulsory social insurance, if the deceased was an entrepreneur.
The maximum size of the grant in 2009 is 4000 rubles.
In addition, you can receive a pension, which did not pay the deceased if he was a pensioner. This issue is regulated by the Federal law "About labour pensions in the Russian Federation" of December 17, 2001 № 173-FZ. First you have to prove relationship to the deceased or the existence of marriage, and location of your registration must match the place of registration of the deceased on the day of his death. Loss of pension would be included in the size of the inheritance.
Six months from the date of death of the pensioner must apply to a notary who will make a written request for the amount of lost pension in the Office of the Pension Fund of Russia, or other entity paying the pension. After this it is necessary to issue a statement about the issuance of certificate of size of pension.
The received certificate must be returned to the notary, who will issue a certificate of right to inheritance.
See prepared testimony to the office of the Pension Fund of Russia, or other entity paying the pension. The certificate must be attached:

1) civil passport;

2) claim you as an heir of the foregone pension.