Once you lose someone close, you feel protective shock. First, the worries associated with the funeral of the mother, may go some way to alleviate your condition, because in this period you will be busy with other things, and you will have free time to think and realize that it will never close. When the funeral takes place, people begin to realize the bitterness of loss and think about how to go through it all. Some families after the death of a loved one, try not to touch his things, and leave all in their places. They tell themselves that their mother just left somewhere far away, but someday it will come back. However, remember that you will only cheat yourself, so it's best to get rid of all things that remind you of the deceased. This is not ingratitude or sin.

Some people, losing a mother, starting to convince himself of the idea that in recent years they rarely saw, was not too close. They are trying to move away from a deceased, so as not to torment myself with the memory and sorrow. But this behavior leads to other psychological problems, so better to give him. Perhaps you will torment the conscience because of some unresolved conflicts with the mother or because of mutual resentment. In this case, psychologists advise to write letters the dead man or to come more often to his grave to talk. Imagine that your mother can hear you. Tell her about his love, about how I miss how much you miss her. Tell about your plans for the future. Such actions can ease the pain of loss. First you will seem that the native people really hears you and is with you, and when you finally reprimand and apologize to the deceased, you should be easier.

Let go of its dead mother and remember her with only good words. Not to be in constant depression, surround yourself with caring and attentive people who will not ask you unnecessary questions and reopen your soul, but will always support you if you need it.

Try to distract yourself from negative thoughts. After the tragic loss you can occupy yourself with work, household chores, to find a more useful occupation or a hobby which will take up almost all my free time. After the death of a loved and dear person, you don't have to remain alone with his thoughts.