Call the Bureau of registration of accidents cases (BRNS) in your city. In a single database BRNS contains all information about persons admitted to hospitals and morgues or detained by the police. Tell us in detail the operator about the incident and read the information for the last day available to BRNS.
Please contact the "Ambulance", which can be more recent information about all admitted to hospital and taken to the morgue. Keep in mind that your loved one could not be in possession of any documents.
If you have not received the desired information in BURNS, or in your city has not yet opened this facility, contact the Department of internal Affairs at the place of residence of the missing. Don't wait until three days pass, as it is illegal (especially against children and disabled people). If you refuse to accept the application, contact the Prosecutor's office.
Make a statement to the chief of police. Select the missing name, age, approximate height and weight, distinguishing marks. Submit a photo, preferably one that was made recently, clothing for the season. Check that the statement was not only accepted, but was. Only then will the police actually start to investigative activities, the results of which will be required immediately to inform you.
If you are confident that your relative became the victim of a crime, not an accident, send a statement to the Prosecutor's office for criminal prosecution. However, you'll need serious evidence to the case was given the go. Remember, whether there were any threats against your family member, all was in order in his work, did not appear whether he has recently a large amount of money. It is possible that he often had late returning home from work or school. Tell all this to the investigator.
If you have money, you can turn to private investigators. Give them all the available information about this person and wait for the results of the investigation.