You will need
  • - passport of the deceased;
  • - patient card of the deceased;
  • - health insurance of the deceased;
  • - your passport;
  • - medical certificate of death;
  • - notarized power of attorney.
Medical certificate of death on form No. 106/u-08 is a medical statement of death of the person. It is issued for statistical purposes and to provide the state registration of death. If this certificate you will not have the body of the deceased from the morgue you will not give.
To receive medical certificate about death can family members of the deceased. If not, then issued a certificate to the guardian (legal representative) or close relatives of the deceased (the deceased).
Issued the certificate where the person died in hospital, maternity hospital, outpatient clinic, etc. to receive medical certificate about death, you'll need to submit:- passport of the deceased;- the patient card; medical insurance policy of the deceased;- your passport (applicant).
Getting a medical certificate, be sure to check:- whether correctly written date of death and date of issue of the document;- whether the entries made in the certificate, and passport data;- is there a record of the place of death;- whether there is on the reverse side of the document round the seal of a medical institution signature, name and designation of the doctor who issued the certificate, the diagnosis.
If the medical certificate of death is marked "preliminary", it means to clarify or establish the cause of death will require further research. After additional testing within 45 days, issued a certificate marked "return advance". It shall bear the number and date when it issued the previous certificate.
The loss of a medical certificate of death to restore it is difficult. If recovery is impossible, the state registration of death is carried out on the basis of a court decision establishing the fact of death.
To obtain the stamp certificate on death in the civil registry. For this you will need to provide several documents:- passport of the deceased;- medical certificate on death;- the passport of the applicant;- if the person is acting under power of attorney from relatives of the deceased, he would need to provide a notarized power of attorney.
Issued a certificate of death free of charge on the day of treatment.
For state registration of a stillborn child must present a document about perinatal death in the prescribed form. In this case, the certificate of death is issued. At the request of the parents issued a document certifying the state registration of birth of a dead baby.
In the case of death of the child during the first weeks of life of the state registration of birth and death is based on the documents about the birth and perinatal installed death. In this case, only issued a certificate of death.
The loss of stamp duty of the certificate of death should contact the civil registry office that issued the previous certificate, with the statement for issue of the duplicate. To yourself you will need to have a passport and a copy of a lost certificate, if any.