That will help to return elasticity and beauty to the stomach?

Straining muscles of a stomach, a young mom feels that they are working. The abdomen is drawn in, but the top still folds of fat, resembling the pouch of a kangaroo. 9 months of fat on her belly protecting their child as a protection. And now, when its function it performed, it is logical that the woman begins to look for options how to remove belly fat after giving birth quickly and effectively.

Most women just become mothers, there is absolutely no time for regular classes in sports clubs. Stomach still, why did he SAG - whether it's childbirth or a lot of pizza. Physical exercise will be the same. Just remember that after the birth to start the sport it is desirable in a month or even later. Slowly the body will start to burn the fat cells (especially in HS), and the woman will only need a little to help him.

What to do to reduce belly?

Thinking about how to remove belly fat after giving birth, remember that the main emphasis should be done on exercises. Below are the most effective ones:

1) Voltage press. Whether this exercise is that it can to do always and everywhere (standing, sitting, walking, changing diaper, washing the dishes). Just pull your stomach and hold for 20 seconds, gradually increase the time.

2) the Rise of the pelvis. Lying on the floor, firmly press your back and bend your knees. Try to raise the pelvis as high as you can. Hold for 20 seconds. Further — more.

3) Squats against the wall. Pressing shoulders and backs against the wall, slowly slide down on it. As soon as I reach parallel thighs with the floor, the maximum, slowly return to the starting position. Not tricky, using his hands!

4) Pushups with retracted belly.

5) exercise with Classic lifting back off the floor. Considering a large number of muscles responsible for the appearance of the tummy. However, it is contraindicated immediately after birth, wait 1-1. 5 months, not to cause harm.

In burning fat will help nutrition: focus on protein and vegetable products, more water, a hearty Breakfast, a balanced lunch, a modest dinner.

Follow these tips, you can get rid of saggy tummy and make the skin beautiful and elastic.