First, you need to pay attention to food. Consult with a dietitian, who will help to make the diet according to breastfeeding and the need for weight normalization. In afterchildbirththe second period is not necessary to sit on diets - your body now requires good nutrition, so all the ideas about weight loss you should discuss in advance with your doctor.
To remove saggy skin on the stomach helps massage. For its implementation need to lie on your back, legs bent at the knees.
Begin the massage with light stroking clockwise.
You can then move on to kneading. Start with the bottom right side of the abdomen and move to the edges. The movement should be intense, but smooth to prevent discomfort.
After kneading should go back to the stroking. Only do they need both hands from the navel to the sides.
The following massage exercise is called "rolling". It must be done in the following way: edge of the left hand press on his stomach, and right at this moment to knead the folds of fat.
After this, proceed to the "nudges". Stroke his tummy in a clockwise direction, while the left hand press on it and the right do pushing movement. Repeat 5-6 times.
Tummy RUB the edges of the palms (as if sawed it into pieces).
Finish the massage with light stroking belly clockwise. This massage perfectly removes fat deposits and helps eliminate sagging skin. You need to do it every day for ten minutes.
In addition to diet and massage, you can try to remove the flabby skin by using cosmetics. Today, there are a variety of cosmetics, aimed at getting rid of stretch marks and sagging. Seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist in order to choose the right tool for your particular case.
Effective means to combat saggy skin can be done at home. Take melkopomolotyj coffee beans, mix them with honey and massage this part of the tummy in the shower. This scrub stimulates the metabolism in the skin and helps to get rid of stretch marks.
To get rid of a flabby tummy help and exercises. Before you start to do them, you should consult with your doctor, as excessive physical activity can harm the woman afterchildbirththe second period.
Another option is to contact the salon. Today, you can offer many programs that help to cope with loose skin, ranging from algae wraps and finishing hardware cosmetology.