Advice 1: How to remove belly fat and hips after childbirth

Often, with joy from the birth of the baby the majority of women faced with problems – noticeable belly and very wide hips, which constantly remind myself, spoil the mood and lower self-esteem. To remove the belly and sides after giving birth, you can use a specific set of exercises and proper nutrition.
How to remove belly fat and hips after childbirth
Exercise # 1.

Stand up straight. The feet on width of shoulders. Hands positioned on the waist. Move your shoulders to the right and left. The shoulders pull the body. When performing this exercise, the hips should remain stationary. Repeat the turns about 20 times.
Exercise # 2.

Stand up straight. The feet on width of shoulders. Imagine as if you now sit down in a chair. Freeze in this position. Hands interlock in "lock" and position the right hip. Straighten, before making a circular motion with his hands, guiding them to the left thigh, and go back to the original position. Repeat this exercise about 15 times for each side.
Exercise # 3.

Lie on a hard surface, head hands behind his head. Bend legs at the knees. Now the right elbow and try to reach the left knee and Vice versa. For each part, you will repeat the exercise 20 times.
Exercise # 4.

Lie on the floor. Turn on your left side. Hands place behind his head. Turn the shoulders to see above the ceiling. Then try to get up. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times.
Order of classes in elimination of the abdomen and back after childbirth yielded the desired result, try to combine them with proper nutrition. Limit yourself to sweet, fatty and fried.

Don't expect too quick of effect. Only after about 1-2 months you will notice that the abdomen and flanks become smaller.
Useful advice
Don't forget to exercise after a natural birth is possible only after 2 months and after cesarean section in 3-4 months. Load at the initial stage should be minimal. Otherwise you instead to remove the stomach and hips will earn only trouble with health.

Advice 2 : How to restore stomach after childbirth

After childbirth many women in addition to the undoubted joys of motherhood and get upset – he tummyto get rid of that can be very difficult. Our grandmothers and mothers thought it was a natural price to pay for the appearance of a baby. But is that so? From the tummyand you can get rid of, the main thing - to do it right.
How to restore stomach after childbirth
You will need
  • gymnastic massage Hoop;
  • - muscle stimulation;
  • - slimming and shapewear;
  • - nourishing cream for the body;
  • - massagers;
  • postpartum bandage;
  • - bike or Bicycle.
During pregnancy a woman's body accumulates a layer of fat. Especially great this layer in the abdominal area and thighs. Thus nature stores nutrients that the woman could bear a child even in the hungry times. This fat is both ugly sticks forward.
In addition to the fat accumulated during pregnancy is a strong tension of the muscles and skin. Here are the three main evils to be complex to fight.
The exercises doctors recommend 6 weeks after birth. After cesarean section should take 2 to 3 months. No matter what were your childbirth before you start to fight against bulging tummyohms, consult your doctor. Remember, if you are involved in sports regularly before childbirth, after childbirth contraindicated heavy load. Choose to work on those abs with simple exercises such as leg lifts from a prone position on your back or twisting.
Try to keep the press in good shape. Do not relax throughout the day. The first time you will have to control myself every minute, but gradually it will become a habit.If you have difficulty, help can come in a variety of products, designed to muscle your press was constantly tightened. This is afterthe birthOh a band, electronic muscle stimulation, special slimming underwear.
An indispensable aid in the struggle with afterchildbirthth fat have cardio. The simplest form of cardio is Jogging. However, not all women can engage in running after childbirth. The fact that the birthth activity is highly traumatic for the pelvic floor muscles. Because of this, during shock loads while running is the leakage of urine. Of course, it is unpleasant. Over time, the muscles will return to their normal state, but in order not to lose time, replace the Jogging sessions on the exercise bike.
Natural way of getting rid of fat is diet. But in a lactation period of any diet is not recommended.The best solution is counting calories. Note that when breast feeding you consume on average 500 calories more than usual. Let the chest more and not overdo the snacking with scones and biscuits. Excess weight will go himself, including from the waist.
A very useful invention for losing weight mom is a gymnastic Hoop. Industry produces special weighted model with integrated massage pads and calorie counter.Hoop, hidden behind the door, almost invisible in the room. Rotate the Hoop is completely silent, which is very important when a small child.And finally, thanks to the Hoop, you will not only regain the slim waist, but will significantly tighten the loose skin of the abdomen.
The most difficult point of the fight against belly is stretched loose skin. Fat to lose, muscle to pump. But if your skin is during pregnancy stretched too much and hanging apron, helps only a surgical procedure called abdominal plasty.So be sure before pregnancy and during the worry about the elasticity of your skin. Do massage, apply a moisturizing and toning body cream, visit Russian bath or Finnish sauna – all this will save you from excessive stretching of the skin.
If you skin on stomach after pregnancy just have lost elasticity, you will help daily self-massage. Massage into the skin of the abdomen nourishing cream or a special cream for loose skin and Pat your stomach, actively knead, pinch, in short, to ensure that the abdominal skin has become pink, to intensify the blood circulation. This will speed up the lift by natural means.

Advice 3 : How to fix the abdomen after childbirth with the help of bondage

Postpartum bandage helps a woman restore the form. It tightens the skin, the muscles, allows the suture remaining after a cesarean section, to knit together correctly.
How to fix the abdomen after childbirth with the help of bondage

Postpartum bandage - what are they

Postnatal bandages are of two types - bandage-belt and brace pants. First choice women who have had a caesarean section. He's more firmly supports the abdominal muscles, which were dissected during surgery. Also, this brace is convenient because it is easy to install and remove, does not prevent to go to the toilet. While panties with a tight inserts are removed quite tight that can cause pain in the postoperative period. That is why it is better to choose those who gave birth the natural way. In addition, the panties better support the uterus, allowing it to quickly shrink and recover.
Postpartum bandage not only helps to restore muscle tone, but also reduces the stretching of the skin, helping to decrease stretch marks. The bandage is particularly effective paired with a cream for stretch marks.

Choose the brace you need for the size of underwear, adding one. Bandage belt usually marked not only the usual symbols "S", "M" or "L" but the size in inches. And to pick the right one, will have to measure the volume of the stomach three inches below the navel.

Bondage - what you need to know about using

The main mistake that women, when wearing a bandage - do it sitting or standing. But that he took the correct position on the body to wear it lying down.

The second mistake was too tight bandage. It should not push the body, otherwise it may disrupt the blood circulation that in the postnatal period is dangerous. To check whether wearing a brace, you can, putting his index finger on top. If he is all right. If you insert it between the brace and the body does not work - relax clasp or head brace one size bigger.
Except for the bandage - there panties bondage pants. But to wear it after birth is not recommended, as it greatly hampers air flow to the sexual organs, which can cause diaper rash and inflammation.

The brace on the next day after birth. How to wear it - should consult a doctor. After cesarean section, usually wear the brace longer than after a normal delivery. But it all depends on the condition of the woman and how her weakened abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles.

Wear the brace you need at least four hours a day. At night be sure to remove. It is also better to use a bandage in the first months after birth, during exercise and long walk to keep the muscles and the uterus.
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