Do massage the bellyuntil you can do physical exercise. Start massaging the skin with light strokes and tapping. You can then do convergent and divergent strokes with light pressure. Very carefully check the condition of the seams. When you take the bandages off, add to massage tweaks. Try to keep the skin became pink. Blood flow increase the tone of muscles and skin.
Add to massage contrasting compresses. Turns apply hot and cold towel to her stomach. Be sure to consult your gynecologist if you can do this procedure. After contrasting wraps apply any nourishing cream.
Start the physical exercises with breathing exercises. Lie on your back, Place your right hand on breast, left hand on stomach. Take a deep breath, drew his hand on the chest, then aim the air flow to the abdomen, to raise the hand on the belly. Hold the breath for 10-30 seconds, then exhale in the opposite direction: the first descends, the abdomen, then the chest.
Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees and put your feet on the floor. Take a deep breath and inflate the stomach like a balloon, stretching the muscles of the abdomen. Then exhale and tighten your abdominal muscles. Simultaneously, lift your pelvis so that the body from shoulders to knees was a straight line. Descend back. Run 15 times.
Lie on your back, arms stretched along the body. Bend legs at the knees and push the heels into the floor, feet together. Strain the muscles of the abdomen and lower legs to right, head turn left. The knees do not dilute. Then return the leg to its original position and, without stopping, lower your legs to the left, and the head turns to the right. Try to keep your knees together. Perform 3-5 bends to each side. Gradually, increase the number of repetitions. Don't lower the legs too low, the rise must be due to the tension of the oblique muscles of the abdomen.
Get on your knees. The back is straight. Raise your hands above your head and interlock your fingers in the castle. Stretch hands upwards, stretching the abdominal muscles. At the highest point lock position and slightly lean back until you can maintain balance. Hold for 5 seconds and slowly return back, gradually relaxing the muscles.