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The engineer is today, as once upon a time, a very popular profession. The shortage of specialists in the field we have today. In Russia demanded civil engineers, electrical engineers, process engineers, however, applicants stubbornly continue to choose other professions. According to the statistical projections, sixty-eight per cent of professional engineers in five years will retire, and the footage would have to replace their places, still are not prepared. Replacement amount to only four percent of the total required number of engineers.
Another popular specialty is currently a specialist in the field of service. In our country, the service is developing very actively. This night beauty salons and a restaurant, booking rooms in hotels from any part of the globe and at any time. The main task of specialists in the field of service – to meet such demands of the population. Today begin to appear in this area and exotic profession, for example, to entertain for money, to accompany travel, to meet at stations, and more. In the travel business novelty was the profession of animator, that is the person who is engaged in providing interesting activities in different trips.
It professionals in the twenty-first century, the century of information technology, much in demand on the labour market. Their demand now exceeds all mental limits. As the market of it technology is developing rapidly, the decent Universities that would meet the requirements of employers, are still very small. However, the number of organizations who require professional system administrators, are also rising rapidly. According to statistical data, experts in the field of it-technologies today receive the highest pay. Actually, it is not surprising, because the programmer or system administrator must have great knowledge to get the job.
The medical profession with the recent increase in the salaries of healthcare personnel has become popular among students. In the labour market formed an acute shortage of such specialists, such as nutritionist and allergist, endocrinologist and otolaryngologist, speech pathologist and speech therapist, and ophthalmologist.