Advice 1: How to cheat huskies Vkontakte free

Modern fans of social networks there is a rating of the sites with which they prefer to use. One of the most famous is Vkontakte created by Pavel Durov.
How to cheat huskies Vkontakte free
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
The site allows its visitors to not only chat with their friends, share videos and audio messages, but also sometimes brings people a small income. To earn in this social network, people unwind their accounts, from the set of friends and ending with a wrap likes. The likes in several ways. Imagine that you want to gain a lot of hearts to the first record on your wall. Start the wrap with a message, whose text will contain approximately the following: "hi! Please find the first entry on my wall and put like. Thank you!" Now copy this message and send it to all your friends. However, keep in mind that such a newsletter you can block. To avoid becoming a spammer, just change the order of words in your message or in the end put a smiley face. Your friends will likely read your letter and fulfill your request.
The second method is also spamming. You have to create a message whose text will be something like: "Like the first entry on my wall". Now go to any popular community and just comment on it any recording, leaving comments such message. People reading this news group, you will see your record and may help you. However, be prepared that you will be blacklisted from this community.
The easiest and most effective way of adding likes is to use a special application which is called "the Like machine". In the search bar enter the name of the application, log in and in the window select the link for the record you are going to PR. Then you just have to like others and they will comment on your entry.

Advice 2 : As Facebook make a lot of subscribers

When you create a group Vkontakte, the authors of the pages try to attract more subscribers. However, the network owners very firmly "tighten the screws" in this issue, and to attract subscribers there are nominally two, but one "legal" way. However, a clever SEO experts know and the third way is "semi-legal". Is more to tell about all three.
Vkontakte Subscribers

To invite members friends

Among the functions of management of the group is to invite friends. The same button is on the right, immediately under the main photo community Vkontakte. Quite simply: press this button and in the appeared window mark all friends who would like to send you an invitation to become a member of the community.

However, the difficulty here is that the number of friends the majority of regular users limited to two or three hundred people. With the exception, of course, are celebrities, media personalities, but their pages are usually by themselves over time gaining subscribers.

How to gain subscribers using third-party resources in the "barter" principle

It's one of those "semi-legal" way to increase the number of subscribers to the page Vkontakte. It is the following. Today there are a couple of resources that offer the user Vkontakte to conduct some activity in social networks (put "like", comment on posts, join groups, etc.) for contingent consideration. Earned conditional bonus you can then spend on placing orders, in particular, to attract subscribers. That is hundreds of other users will join the community in order to then get your bonus and spend it on placing their orders.

Attracting subscribers using third-party resources, you need to understand that it will be the people that are in the page content are not interested. In other words, it would be inappropriate audience.

This method to attract more subscribers there are two significant disadvantages. First, the involvement of untargeted subscribers, that is completely disinterested in the subject spins of the page. And there is no guarantee that after the accrual of bonuses on the website they will not unsubscribe from the news group unnecessary. Secondly, the site "Vkontakte" for such shenanigans may block for some time a page of that account is so hyperactive activity.

Invite subscribers through advertising

Today it is the most simple and effective way to attract new subscribers to your page Vkontakte. It is quite simple.
The benefits of attracting subscribers through advertising – aim the right audience, the full "legality" of this method and the ability to choose the method of payment for impressions or for conversion.

Left on the community page, under the button "Invite friends" button to "Promote the community". You need to click on it and place the order, after making advance payment for the advertising campaign.
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