About the procedure the impact of voice on the website is one of the two key parameters – the IP address or number of the network card of the computer from which you are voting. There are several ways in which you can substitute the IP address for a re-vote from one computer to bypass the rules of the contest.
The simplest option is to use anonymizers. To do this, simply go to the service address, for example and enter in the box on the page, the page address, vote, then click return to vote. Refreshing the page, you can vote again and so on to infinity.
Slightly more complex is the use of specialized software such as HideIP. By running this application, you need to choose the setting to automatically substitute the IP address after a certain period of time and periodically refresh the page. Your IP address changes and, accordingly, you can vote again and again.
Use a program like Proxy Switcher, implies manual changing of the IP address. Start the app, then start searching for proxy servers and select from the list. Go to the impact of voice and vote, then change proxy and refresh the page. Then you'll be able to vote again.
If online voting is working the counter, taking into account not only IP address but also the number of the network card of the computer for endless voting to use a mobile device, where the network card is missing in principle, such as mobile phones. Download it to the phone Opera Mini web browser, then navigate to the desired page and vote, then close the browser. Re-running it and going to the voting page, you'll be able to vote for the desired participant.