You will need
  • - wax candle
  • - transparent glass of water;
  • - raw egg;
  • - a match.
Look closely at the circumstances that led you to suspect the presence of damage. Direct signs that you decided to bring her: a sudden deterioration of health, depression, critical mood swings, auditory, olfactory or visual hallucinations, nightly nightmares, a sharp deterioration of Affairs in the financial sector.
Try to test damage using candles. Take a wax candle, light it and within 5-7 minutes driving the flames along its body at a distance of approximately 20 cm from the skin. If in some places the flame begins to change color, smoke, crackle – so damage there, and blow it fell to the space energy shell of a man, in front of which a candle flame acted up.
Use your or someone else's photo in order to diagnose the damage. Put a photo directly in front of him. Light a candle of wax and drive it along the photo, observing the behavior of flames. If the flame behaved strangely smoked, sputtered, a negative impact on someone in the picture.
Roll damage the egg. Take a raw egg and a glass of cold water. And undress naked for 5-10 minutes, roll the egg around your body starting from head and ending with feet. Then crack the egg into a Cup and evaluate the results. If the water in the glass remained transparent, squirrels, lay down a soft pillow, and the yolk is sitting comfortably on it – no damage. At the end of the ritual, pour the water and egg into the bowl.
Pour in a glass of water and recite on it any suitable protective prayer. You can do without prayer. Strong enough intent to see if there's damage on you. Then light the three matches and when they burn, in turn, throw them into the water. Floating on the surface the matches will tell you that no damage, have risen vertically in the water column will warn that there are some negative and drowned – direct evidence of the severe damage.