How to deal with the damage salt?

If you were found next to the doorstep of salt that someone intentionally put there, it means that you tried to jinx it with salt. Immediately after the findings have to clean the whole house from bad influence. For that you need the Church candles, salt and a saucer.

Wait until the evening. Sprinkle a little salt in the dish, light the candle and crossed the salt three times. It is important to discuss your desire to get rid of brought negativity and evil. Then go around the entire house or apartment in a clockwise direction. Well, if nobody at home except you will not. If send home nowhere, you need to ask them to be quiet, not ask unnecessary questions and sit in their rooms.
Instead of "planted" salt you can find at the threshold of cereals or needles. Functionally they are no different from salt.

When you get around home, leave for a small sapote salt in all the corners. It is necessary to leave in the morning, so it absorbs all the negative energy. At dawn a broom collect salt, wrap in paper or a paper bag, take away. You can throw it in the river or under some old tree. After returning home, arrange for thorough cleaning, wash the floor and hang by the front door talisman or stick a knife in school.

How to find out if the damage?

If planted salt you found, but you only have a suspicion of the existence of a pointer on your or your loved one damage, and you can check its availability. For this you will need a package of salt and a normal frying pan.

Wait until midnight, put the selected pan (clean) on fire to burn. Throw on a little salt, and always with the left hand. Nasilivata salt about twenty minutes, during the whole time ask out loud, is there any foe or enemy that brought damage to you or meant to hurt.

If the salt is behaving normally, a little cracking or yellowing during heating, a curse on you there. Then you can pour salt in the toilet pan to wash up and go to sleep. If Sol explodes, smokes, creates black smoke, it means the damage is present or someone very much wished you harm. Take salt, put it under the tree on the street, then look to the sky, turn right, count stars up to twenty-one, ask the sky to bring evil and destruction to the sender.
Salt since ancient times endowed with magical properties. She was considered as an effective tool to fight evil spirits.

After the completion of the ritual go to bed. If this night you will have nightmares, that's fine. Maybe you will dream of the person who sent the spell. The next day, keep their contacts with the world to a minimum, it is necessary for recovery.