You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you want to write man, was Vkontakte, to start make a registration in this social network. Registration is quick. In a special window, you specify all personal information, including name, surname, gender, mobile number, e-mail and other information. Registration is confirmed by the message that comes to the number you specified. In this message, you will receive a code that you will enter, complete the registration Vkontakte.
Now in the search box enter the surname and the name of any of your friend or acquaintance and send him a friend request. Now that your friends list will be replenished, you can write these messages. To send any text, audio or video to your friend, find him in my friends list and click on his name. You will see the page of this user. On the left you will see the main photo of the person and under it is a button: "Send a message". Click on this button and you will see a dialog box in which you type any desired text. In the lower left corner of this window you will see the following text: "Submit", at the right: "to Attach". If you need to send to a friend text only, click on the first button, but if you want to send him a document, a song or video, click on the second button. Select "Attach" and you will see the following inscription: "Photo", "Document", "Audio", "Video", "Map". Selecting one of the functions that you will be able to send your friend a message with the appropriate attachment.
Besides messaging with your friends, you can send messages to other users of Vkontakte, which is not in your friends list. Find any user open the page by clicking the left mouse button on its name. On the left, under the person's photo, you'll see "Send message". Repeating the steps above, you can write a letter to this user. However, there are people who are blocking access to messaging to strangers. In this case, try to first send that person a friend request, and then, if he'll accept it, write him a message.