You will need
  • - registration in the social network.
Express your feelings, adorn the page, or just share a good mood with public walls, which are in each social network. However, on some sites the "wall" called "forum". But in this case, the essence does not change.
To send a message on a wall your friends go to the personal page of the desired contact. Select the "Wall" ("Forum"), usually it's located under user information. Then place the cursor in the empty window that asks "Write message". Type in the desired text and click "Send" (or "Add").
Plain text you can also diversify smileys and images. To add them in the message window on the wall should be a button that says "Attach".
For example, popular among young people, the Internet service "Vkontakte" in addition to plain text allows you to add to the wall of user photos, videos and audio recordings, graffiti, card, note, document, and launch a special app and find out the truth about myself. More precisely – to put the opinion of your friend, answering the proposed question.
Specify the need to add a paragraph and add an image, music and other files from your page or from the bowels of the computer (phone). To do this, use private albums "Vkontakte" or click the "Choose file". Check designed to send the file, and click on the labels "Send".
The same way you send a message on the wall. But for this you need to be on the personal page.
In the "Classmates" there is no wall, but there is a forum. To enter it from the user or from his pre-selecting the mode "Discussion". This section displays information about new events and comments. If forum friends have been added to the message, you will be notified. And, accordingly, will be able to throw their text or pictures.