Advice 1: How does the blacklist Vkontakte

Social network Vkontakte attracts millions of users. The creators do not stand still and constantly develop it, inventing new features. One of these helpful features is the black list.
How does the blacklist Vkontakte
For many people, the site Vkontakte is almost a second home. The creators of social networks have provided an opportunity for people to share their photos, upload videos, Express your thoughts and tell the news. And, of course, to chat with friends in real-time.

Blacklist reminds Vkontakte blacklist in phone. When a person does not want someone to communicate, one click on the phone button it sends this person to ignore. The essence of the blacklist Vkontakte is the same: all unwanted users go to banks.

Why you need a blacklist

All users are different. There are adequate educated people, there are those who definitely need to do something nasty or get nasty. Not to spoil the nerves, was invented by the blacklist.

Once in the ignore list, I can only see the name and photo of the user. All photos, videos, wall posts to remain closed. To write comments, private messages, to invite to the meeting, he also has no right. In the middle of the page ignoring the person appears "the User has restricted access to his page.

Blacklist is a kind of protection from unwanted communication, spam and annoying users.

How to make the person in the black list

On the main page in the left menu you must select "My settings". On the page tab will appear "the Black list". In the line you need to enter the name of the person you want to block, or link to his page. Click "add to blacklist" and you're done. People will no longer be able to bother you.

To add users to the ignore list for the administrators of groups and communities. Under the avatar of the group click "Manage community". A window will open with the tab "blacklist". Further actions are the same.

The button "Remove from blacklist" you can unlock user and again to give him the opportunity to see and write.

If in the black list have added you, can get out of it. Alternatively, you can start a second page and ask the person to unblock you. Or ask someone from the common friends to write him.

To know one of the users you are in black list, by going to their page. Limited access means that you ignore. If a person is in? yet, if you try to add it appears "You cannot add this user as a friend".

Advice 2: How to find out who I blacklisted Vkontakte

Asking yourself about how to know who I blacklisted Vkontakte, one cannot fail to note the importance of this action. This allows you to know in advance about the attitude of other users and to customize the list to communicate on your own.
How to find out who I blacklisted Vkontakte?
Unlike some fairly complex functions of a social network, to know who you blacklisted Vkontakte, you can quickly and without any problems. First of all try to go to the page to a certain user and look at her. If you are in the black list, it will only be a smaller picture of a person. Information becomes available only its name. In this case, you will see a framed warning that the user has restricted his circle of friends. This means that you have blocked.
The proposed method is to find out if you're blacklisted VK, suitable for those situations when you need to check one or two people. The difficulty arises when you are unable for some reason to block many users. In this case, come to the aid of such a solution as adding a special application in the appropriate section of your profile in the social network. Try searching for the words "blacklist" and the blacklist. One of the most famous application called Blacklist.
Start the selected application and use its functionality. "Blacklist" and similar programs can scan your friends and users from their friends list (total number of guests per check may reach several hundreds), and then immediately displays all the links to people who have added you to the black list, there are pages which are blocked for you. These actions do not contradict the rules of the social network, so you're safe.
Beware of third-party apps and sites promising to find blacklist Vkontakte and show you all the blocked users. Most of them are fraudulent and can cause harm to your computer. In addition, in the wrong hands can get your personal information, including login and password from the page VC.
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