You will need
  • Internet access and an active account on the website
Find the right person.If the person You want to send the messagethat you have in your friends, find it in the friends list by clicking on the link "My friends" on the main page of your account. For the convenience of the friends in the list has a special search box (above the list), where simply enter a few letters of the surname or name of a friend, and no matter Latin letters or Cyrillic - the site converts them to the desired layout.If the desired person in you, find it using the search system of the people on the website. To do this, click the icon of a gear in the upper right corner of the interface, and then click "Search". Section opens where you can specify the necessary parameters to find the right person.
Send the message.When the desired person is found, go to its page. Just under the avatar you will see the icon "Send a message". Click on it, dialog box opens in which to enter text. After dialing the desired text, click "Send". The screen will light up the words "Your message was successfully sent (name of person)".
Monitor sent messagem. to see, there came a message to the recipient and if he's ever read it, go to "My messages". You will see a list of dialogues. Select the dialog with the desired destination, click on it. This opens the message. If the tape appeared your last message, then it successfully reached the recipient. To determine whether the message is read or not by the color to which it is allocated: unread message highlighted in blue, read, white.