Among the friends decided to share all the interesting and fashionable. If you know the tastes of your friend, offer him to watch an interesting movie or enjoy trendy music video. You filmed on phone the performance the bands were cool on her concert greeting or created a presentation specifically for your loved one? These videos you too can show a friend, being at a distance from him. Use the whocanSTI social networking to transmit video information.
Upload a video to the site Vkontakte from your computer. To do this, go to your Facebook page and go to "My videos". Click on the "Upload video" and select the path where the system will find the desired file on your computer. Fill in the fields "Title" and "Description" of the video for your friend immediately recognized what the video. Select privacy settings, which users can watch this video all social network users, only your friends, friends of friends, some friends lists or only the one which you are trying to video. After the video is loaded to your page, click "OK".
If you use a video that is already uploaded to the site Vkontakte, add it to your page, clicking "add to my videos" under the video screen. Also select privacy settings this video.
To acquaint a friend with the downloaded video file, select it in the video. And effects, click "Mark of man" - this button is located inside the open window of the video under its screen. In the open friends list, select the name of the one who designed the video. After a few seconds your friend will receive a notification that you mentioned him on video, and watch the video.
Publicly to send a friend the video on his wall. Go to user page and click on the input window of the message that is on the wall. Click "Attach". You will see the selection box: you can send music Il video of your friend, leave a photo or draw graffiti on his wall, put it in the document. Click "Send video". To do this you will be able only in case, if your friend was allowed in their privacy settings. In his list of recordings select the desired one and click on it. If you want to download a video from a General search, enter in the appropriate line the name. Clicking on the video again you will see the page your friend. Hit "Publish" and selected the video will be on his wall.
If you want to send the video to your friend only saw her use private message. Open a list of your friends and nitie page to your friend. Click the "Write message". Under the text entry field there is a button "Attach". Click it and select "Attach a video" just like it is done on the user's wall. Select video from the list and click "Send".