You will need
  • - the account "Vkontakte";
  • - suitable to the case card file in the format PNG, JPG, GIF, or any other of your choice.
In the menu located on your page "Vkontakte" at the top left, select "My messages" and click on it. Select the source you want to send your postcard.
Click the dialog or message from the list. In the bottom of the page in front of you (under the dialog) will open a window to enter a new message. Underneath right is a button "Attach".
Hover over the button. In the drop-down menu, select "Photo" or "Document". In the window that opens select your card, click on it with the left mouse button and press Enter.
In the window for any message write your congratulations and wishes to the addressee of the postcard. Send a message (click on the blue "Send" button on the left).
In exactly the same way to hang a postcard on a friend's wall. To do this, go to its page and place the cursor in the "Write message". Under it you will see the button "Attach". Continue to act in accordance with the above instructions.
Similarly, you can attach to messages, music files, videos, text documents, maps and so on. You can also select the "Gift" in the drop down menu and present each one of cute pictures, we offer "Vkontakte".
If you want you can use a ready-made postcard, taken in one of the specialized apps social network. To the top blue bar on the page "Vkontakte", select "Games". In the opened search box, enter the word "Postcard." Select any application and click it. In the opened window click "Start the application". Now you can find the right card for almost any occasion. Will just have to hang it on the wall to the other.