Perhaps best known for his young soldiers the country − Israel. Where their share in the armed forces is more than 35%. Women in Israel are conscripted for military service and get a special female part, which are designed specifically for them, the standards of physical fitness. The conscription of women in Israel mainly due to the specifics of Israel's history and the constant presence of this country in war. However, if the girl got married before the call, it is exempt from service. Women may be exempted for ethical and religious reasons, pregnancy, health. Ladies, entered the army, serving 21 months, in contrast to men for whom the period is 3 years. At night they can go back home and have some other breaks.
In the United States and Europe (Sweden, Spain, UK, etc.) women have the right, at its own initiative to serve under contract on equal conditions with men. However, the standards for the two sexes differ − the training program takes into account the peculiarities of the female body. Girls may be allowed to control ships and aircraft, but can't be tank crews, infantrymen, submariners who serve in the special forces where fighting is going on and in direct contact with the enemy.
In India, women until recently were not allowed directly to military service but could serve in military medical hospitals. In may 2013, a committed woman, first arrived in sapper troops, after she was kidnapped. Near India and Pakistan girls can serve in the engineering and medical parts. And one lady-a military doctor in this country even received the rank of General.
The harsh conditions of service for women in North Korea, where they by law can call for up to 7 years. In 90-e years many went to the army voluntarily, because times were hard and hungry, and the army was able to get food. However, take the service not only loyal to the party and having a good origin girls. In total, they account for about 10% of the composition.
With the service of women in the army is associated with certain difficulties, not at all for them provided the conditions for the most effective potential. And since this phenomenon is quite young in historical scale, the possibilities of the female body is under a heavy load is not sufficiently studied to ensure correct modes and regulations for a female. Often women try to keep up in effectiveness for men and anything and not to yield. As a result of injuries they receive in 3 times more often - that is the conclusion of British doctors who conducted the study on this topic. The girls is too hard to wear the uniforms and weapons. In addition, there are cases of pressure from men who are not happy to see them on the traditional site.