You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - the documents.
In Russia to get military retirement can persons who performed service in bodies of internal Affairs, the Ministry of defence, bodies on control of trafficking in psychotropic and narcotic substances, as well as in the state fire service and penitentiary system.
There are 3 types of military pensions: for years of service, disability and also survivor (military pensioner/ soldier) his family members will receive the relevant payments.
Go to the territorial Department of the Pension Fund of Russia (PF of Russia). Write a statement about the purpose of your pension. To it attach a package of documents: passport and its copy, work book (if available) and documents showing your legal status, are eligible for benefits (military ID, documents on disability, certificate of participation in combat actions, etc.).
The branch PF of the Russian Federation within 10 days from the date of receipt of the application and all necessary paperwork must make a decision about granting or rejecting you in retirement. The size of the military pension depends on seniority, position and titles. In addition to the pension can oplachivaetsya various allowances (for example, if the military was serving in the far North).
Retired military personnel are entitled to a second pension. Now they are in retirement, can get a job, and in the future, subject to serviceable contributions to the pension Fund of the Russian Federation - to the civil pension. If a military pensioner after his discharge from the service he worked, and his employer made the appropriate contributions to the pension Fund, in addition to it military can get more insurance for the state retirement pension. You must have experience of minimum 5 years. Years of service in this period are not included.