Select the format on which you will perform the drawing. Usually in engineering graphics, drawing, or the company uses the formats A1, A2, A3 and A4. There are also non-standard formats, such as А4х3, which is equal to three A4 vertically.
Position the sheet horizontally. If the frame is performed on the A4 size, the sheet should be placed vertically.
Draw the borders of the frame. To do this, start from the left edge of the sheet 20 mm from the top, bottom and right edge is 5 mm, and draw four lines. Please note that the frame is plotted as the solid major lines. The thickness of the border line in some cases slightly greater than the thickness of the lines, which performed the drawing. If you draw a frame on the computer, the line thickness can be set in the program. Frame lines will be displayed in your chosen color.
Performing a drawing frame with a pencil and paper, right pick up the pencil. You will probably need a few pencils of different hardness. The line drawn by a pencil with too soft a pencil, looks bright, but easily smeared when touched. The pencil is too hard core to cut paper. Therefore it is better to choose a middle ground, e.g. hard-soft or soft stylus. In such pencils the domestic production of writing letters TM or M (hard-soft or soft), on imported analogs will stand Latin letters HB and B, respectively. Not be amiss and correct sharpening pencils.
Will watertite sheet. It looks like a small table in the lower right corner of the sheet. The title has dimensions 185х55 mm and consists of several count with signatures. When working, follow the requirements of GOST 2.104-68. It contains the exact dimensions of each box.
Complete the drawing frame number of additional graphs. One of them is located in the upper left corner of the sheet. In this column is duplicated document symbol specified in sheet and rotated 180°. Usually this graph has a size 70х14 mm. along the left side of the sheet, you need to draw additional graphs that will be completed by the technical documentation Department.
Complete the columns in the sheet the information that you already know about the project. This can be a product name, designation of the document, name of developer, scale, number of sheets, etc. All lettering should be done drawing the font according to GOST 2.304-81. If you do a drawing on the computer, then change the font using the menu.