You will need
  • Program Photoshop.
With the command "New" ("New") from the "File" menu (File) create a new document in Photoshop. Can do the same action using the key combination "Ctrl"+"N". In the palette "Tools" tool select the "Horizontal Type Tool" ("Horizontal text"). Place the pointer to the created document, left click the mouse in the right place and write the text. Translate the written text into raster. To do this, right-click the mouse on the text layer in the palette "Layers" (Layers) and select "Rasterize Type" ("Rasterize text").Follow the outline of the text. Select "Stroke" ("Stroke") from the "Edit" menu ("Edit"). In the opened settings window, select the stroke width, in pixels, the color of the stroke and its location: inside the outline contour, center, or outside the path. Click "OK". Save the created document with the command "Save" (Save) in the "File" menu ("File").
Another way to create the stroke allows not to translate the text to raster. In other words, you can edit the text with stroke, created as a layer style. To do this, create a text layer by using the tool "Horizontal text".Click the right mouse button on text layer and select "Blending Options" ("Options overlay"). Tick the checkbox "Stroke" ("Stroke"). Click on this tab with the left mouse button. In the settings tab, select the stroke width in pixels. This setting can be configured by inserting a fine value in the field "Size" ("Size"), or by moving the slider. From the drop-down lists to select the strokes and the blending mode. In the drop-down list of "Type a Fill" ("fill Type" select, what will fill the stroke with color, gradient, or texture. In the palette, set color, gradient or texture for the stroke. The effect of changing parameters will be displayed in the document that you have created. Click "OK".Save the text with stroke using the command "Save" (Save) in the "File" menu ("File").