You will need
  • - passport;
  • - phone number.
Staff from specialized shops can and must replace the SIM card upon your request, if you are the owner (that is, the contract on service provision signed between the operator and you). If the SIM belongs to your friend, spouse, relative or firm, require an extra document – a power of attorney. Otherwise, the employee will be forced to refuse you. To be indignant it is useless, this rule is spelled out in the agreement.
Copy from SIM card to phone all important data like phone numbers, names, files (if any). After restoring the card, they will be unavailable. Visit the salon of communication "Beeline". Please bring your passport and if necessary a power of attorney certified by a notary.
Dictate the phone number that is to be restored. Explain your request: you need a replacement SIM card.
Next, the operator will find the SIM card suitable numbering capacity, activates it, give her your number the old number. Many other parameters also remain unchanged (rate, most connected of free and paid services, etc.). You just have to take it in hand.
The activation time depends on network availability, but usually after 5-15 minutes it is already possible to use for calls. If the card has not been activated after one hour or more, please contact the salon again.