You will need
  • Passport.
First and foremost I would like to consider the reasons for the blocking numbers of Beeline mobile operator. What can be caused by such measures? Here everything is quite simple. Often lock the SIM card is because of its long disuse. More specifically, the lock of the room is performed, if within six months it was not made any calls.
What you need to take so that your SIM card has not been blocked. Today, there are cases when people use multiple rooms, each of which can have its own priority. Thus, some of the rooms can be inactive for a long time. To avoid blocking SIM cards, you need at least once a month to send text messages or make outgoing calls. In this case, you guarantee yourself that your SIM card is locked by the operator. If the room was locked by operator, you need to do the following.
Unlocking SIM card. So you could use a blocked number, you need to visit the office of Beeline 's passport (if the contract was issued in your name). Ask any Manager, and your room will be unlocked, if the lock in less than thirty days. Appeal to the office of the cellular operator will also be relevant in case you lost the SIM card and need its recovery.