Advice 1: How to recover SIM card Beeline

After your SIM-card Beeline was blocked, you still have one month of its release. If you do not unlock the room within thirty calendar days, it will be for sale.
How to recover SIM card Beeline
You will need
  • Passport.
First and foremost I would like to consider the reasons for the blocking numbers of Beeline mobile operator. What can be caused by such measures? Here everything is quite simple. Often lock the SIM card is because of its long disuse. More specifically, the lock of the room is performed, if within six months it was not made any calls.
What you need to take so that your SIM card has not been blocked. Today, there are cases when people use multiple rooms, each of which can have its own priority. Thus, some of the rooms can be inactive for a long time. To avoid blocking SIM cards, you need at least once a month to send text messages or make outgoing calls. In this case, you guarantee yourself that your SIM card is locked by the operator. If the room was locked by operator, you need to do the following.
Unlocking SIM card. So you could use a blocked number, you need to visit the office of Beeline 's passport (if the contract was issued in your name). Ask any Manager, and your room will be unlocked, if the lock in less than thirty days. Appeal to the office of the cellular operator will also be relevant in case you lost the SIM card and need its recovery.

Advice 2: How to block SIM card Beeline

If you temporarily do not want to use their mobile phone in case of loss/theft of the phone, you can block his SIMcard. For this you need to call your operator (Beeline) or come to the customer service point.
How to block SIM card Beeline
Block the SIM-card of Beeline, you can phone 0611 (from mobile, the same for all regions) or local phone (974-88-88 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg 740-60-00, phones in other cities, you can check on the website). You can also block a number directly on the official website of Beeline.
According to the statement afterwards you can restore the SIM card and number with the preservation of your tariff. Most operators make the recovery rooms free. This can be done by sending a written statement via Fax (974-59-96 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg 740-60-01, Fax numbers in other cities should be clarified on the website) or by contacting the customer service Center. The form of a written statement can be downloaded on the official website of Beeline.
From documents you for blocking numbers will need passport details (for individuals) or legal address and tin (for legal persons).

To unlock rooms you should write a written application with passport data.

You will need to call the passport information that was specified in the contract. Therefore, if the phone is not registered to you, you first need to clarify the information on who was issued the phone. If you changed your name, indicate the old name. If you changed your passport, include the old passport data.
Useful advice
Do not rush to block the SIM card if you have not too much amount in the account. Phone records from your phone can greatly facilitate the work of the police, if you want to find a stolen phone.

Advice 3: How to restore SIM card via the Internet

In case of loss or accidental damage to the SIM card you want to restore it. And that number necessarily preserved, and that the money in the account left. For this recovery service SIM card via the Internet.
How to restore SIM card via the Internet
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - the passport.
For maintenance from the operator Beeline, go to the website On the left is a list of services and features provided for subscribers. Choose the "Help and maintenance" > "customer care".
In the "Subscription services" refer to "Replacing the SIM card". Read the order blocking the lost card. To do everything on the Internet, write a letter on e-mail, putting him your passport details under the contract and additional phone number for communication. When the card is ready, you will be informed about it. To obtain it you need to come personally to the sales office with your passport.
If your operator is MTS, then follow to the address where to block the card, use the online assistant. Sign up if you have never used it. Follow the instructions on the screen.
After the blocking order recovery SIM card. MTS include delivery of a new card at home. If it suits you, then click on the link "shipping SIM card". At the specified time and place will give to you again and you will be able to use the same room. Don't forget to show your passport.
Cellular operator MegaFon offers its subscribers in case of loss or damage to the card to order it in the online store at Be sure to specify the region where you are. On the page that opens on the right, select the function "Restore SIM card". Already registered users just need to login with the new register. If you don't want to spend time on it, then use the option "Continue without registration".
In the opened form, enter the required data. All fields must be filled in. Specify what address to deliver the card. Wait until you will contact the operator to arrange the delivery time.
The operator Tele2, unfortunately, does not provide recovery services card on the Internet.
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