You will need
  • - Bank card;
  • - "Payment card Beeline";
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - the mobile phone.
Pay for home Internet with the help of Bank cards of payment systems Visa and MasterCard. To do this, log in to your personal account on the official website of "Beeline", enter your details, click "Information contract", select the "balance" and click on "Bank card". Then write the amount and click "Next". Go to the authorization server for entering information about the Bank card.
Put money on account using the payment systems "Yandex.Money", QIWI or Web money or through the Internetbanking of your Bank.
Use the service "Mobile payment" and transfer the funds to the home wireless Internet account on your phone "Beeline". This service is available to subscribers of "Beeline" by default and requires no special connections. Send to number 7878 SMS-message type 100 beeint xxxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxxxx is the number of your personal account, and 100 is the amount by which you want to replenish the balance of home Internetand "Beeline", i.e. 100.
Fund balance in any office of "Beeline" or from the dealer.
Locate the service "Home Internet "Beeline" to the ATM, using the button "Internet" or "Mobile connection" and enter the ten digit account number (089*******).
Click "Payment services" on the electronic terminal. Define operator "Beeline" - in the field "telephone Number" write the number of your personal account (089*******)
Get the "Unified payment card" "Beeline" of any denomination.
If you are a member of the bonus program of the company "Beeline", activate to pay for home Internetand the accumulated points. One bonus point is equal to one ruble. To redeem points, log in to your account on the website "Beelinea" and select "Bonuses".