Ride on the train. Daily from platforms Savyolovsky railway station go trains to Dmitrov, Dubna, Savelovo and they all make a stop in Yakhroma. The journey time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The spacing between the flights can be up to 1 hour. The disadvantage of this route is obvious – low comfort, but the advantages of travel by train to Yakhroma is. First, delays do not happen, the trains run on schedule, and, secondly, the low cost of travel. Schedule of trains Yakhroma to using an Internet search engine or on the website of Russian Railways.
To reach Yakhroma possible by bus from metro station Altufevo. There are boarding a bus №401 "Moscow – Dmitrov", making a stop in Yakhroma. The estimated travel time 1 hour, but keep in mind that at peak times the bus can get stuck in a traffic jam on the outskirts of Moscow, near Dolgoprudny and interchange at Marfino. The ferry departs approximately every half hour. Disembarkation of passengers takes place in the area of General Kuznetsova. To check the bus schedule on the information site Liudmila or using the search engine.
To get to Yakhroma on the machine, it is necessary to go from Moscow to Dmitrov highway and move it about 50 miles without turning anywhere. After the bridge over the railroad tracks should be careful, after about 5 km turn right. Following the signs, you need to go left, the road junction there simple. After 200 meters you will see a roundabout, this is the area General Kuznetsova, from here you can reach any part of the city. To get directly to the Park "Yakhroma", you must follow the orange indicator boards are located along the route in large numbers, so the skip will fail.