If you need to get a New Edition on the Gorky highway. This settlement is directly on it, in 15 km from MKAD. Therefore, take road straight without turning anywhere. Staraya Kupavna is located to the right of the highway. Don't miss the pointer to the Old Kupavna on the traffic lights and turn right, then keep to the main road.
If at the Nizhny Novgorod highway tube, use the bypass option – Nosovikhinskoye highway. You have to drive all highway through the city Train. After the city left will be the railway station with the relocation (the main road goes right). Turn left over the flyover, then keep to the main road – a landmark biserovo. After biserovo the next town Old Kupavna. If you need a New Kupavna, before entering the town on the left is the Church, turn right behind her and after a kilometer you will reach the traffic light at the Nizhny Novgorod highway. Then you need to turn right or left, depending on which room of the house you need.
Drive from Sochi is faster than the train, since the station is a transit direction on the Vladimir railroad. With the Kursk railway station via the Sochi go trains on the following routes: a Steep, Zakharovo, cocks, Elektrogorsk, Fryazevo, Vladimir. Journey time – 40 minutes.
If you hit the break in the movement of the train, do not waste your time and go by metro to Izmailovsky bus station near the station "Partizanskaya". If you need a New Edition, take any bus (taxi), Noginsk, Elektrostal, Pavlovsky Posad, Elektrogorsk. Your stop will transit on their way. Wish to reach Old Kupavna have to find a bus going there (in the route may be specified either Staraya Kupavna, or quinacrine).