You will need
  • - metro;
  • - the train;
  • bus;
  • - taxi;
  • car.
The most convenient way to get from Moscow to Yasnaya Polyana – the passage on the train. For this you need to get to the station "Chkalovskaya" in the Lublin line or "Kursk" the Ring or on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line and exit the metro to the Kursk station. From the station to Tula are trains and trains of the South. Travel time depends on the stops that train makes. The approximate journey time is 3-3. 5 hours. There is a faster way to get to Tula - take the Express that leaves at 18.00 from Kursk station. Journey time - 2 hours 27 minutes. From the Moscow station of Tula to the Museum-estate can be reached by trolley bus №5 to a stop "Pedagogical Institute", then on any bus: №114, 117, 280 to the bus stop "Yasnaya Polyana". Coming to a stop, to the right you will see a gate with columns and the words "Yasnaya Polyana". Will need to go through them 7 minutes to go to the guard post. You are on the spot.
To Yasnaya Polyana from Moscow through Tula, you can take a bus or taxi. For this you have to drive to one of the following metro stations: Tsaritsino, "Domodedovo", "Prague", "St. Akademika Yangelya", to reach the city, take the bus or taxi and get to the stop "Avtovokzal" or "Ul. Mosina" in the city of Tula. In will take you about three hours. Next to the bus stop "Yasnaya Polyana" can be reached by bus or route taxi №114, 117, 280. There is another way to get to Yasnaya Polyana. To do this you need from the metro station "South" take the taxi and drive to the city Schekino. Then take the bus or route taxi № 114, 117, 280 and exit at the stop "Yasnaya Polyana".
Can be reached by car. To get to the Museum by car, you have to go on the highway M2 "Crimea" in the direction of Belgorod. Further fork "Tula – Belgorod" we need to make a right turn, then will not turn off and go along the Moscow highway which will pass in the street October. Follow the signs to get to the "Yasnaya Polyana".