You will need
  • - metro;
  • - the train;
  • bus;
  • - taxi;
  • car.
Go to Shelkovo by train. For this you need to get to the station "Komsomolskaya" on the Ring or on the Sokolnicheskaya line and exit the metro to Yaroslavsky station. Then take a train that goes in one of the following directions: "Moscow—Monino", "Moscow—Fryazevo" or "Moscow—Schelkovo" and drive to the station "Funnels" or "Shchelkovo".

All the necessary information about departing trains you can watch on the big scoreboard at the station or in advance to check the schedule online and plan your route. The journey time is around 50 minutes depending on the number of stops that the train makes. You can drive faster, take the Express train "Moscow—Monino" and go to station "Funnels". The journey time is 38 minutes.
Use ground transport. The city of Shchelkovo can be reached by bus or taxi. To do this you need on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line of the metro station "Shchelkovo" and exit from the first carriage from the center to the bus station. From here you can reach by bus №349 "Moscow—Schelkovo-7", route taxi №485 "Moscow—Schelkovo" by bus or route taxi №№361, 361т, 361э "Moscow—Fryazino" or by bus №335 "Moscow—Fryanovo" and drive to the city of Shchelkovo. Travel time without traffic will take about 30-40 minutes.
Drive by car. To get to Shchelkovo on the machine, you must follow Shchelkovo highway (A-103) in the direction from the capital to the turn to Shchelkovo. The journey time depends on traffic congestion. During peak hours it is observed difficulty in movement at the turn of the Shchelkovo highway at the entrance to the city. In this regard, when planning your trip, consider this fact. On average, no jams on the road to Shchelkovo takes 30 to 40 minutes.