If you want to get to Kostroma by public transport, train direct appointment is an ideal option. It takes only six hours and forty minutes. Evening fast train №148 Moscow-Kostroma departs daily from the Yaroslavl station at 22:20. Also Kostroma is stopped by a passing train No. 044Э Moscow-Khabarovsk, which runs in odd numbers (interestingly, on the way back from Khabarovsk train stops here does).
A little less convenient to reach by electric train. Railway station "Kostroma-New" is located on a peripheral branch, therefore from Moscow or St. Petersburg to get into the city directly. You will have to go on the chaise: first to Yaroslavl, then to Kostroma (journey time of three and a half or four hours).
On the bus to Kostroma can be faster than by rail. Of course, this option is not very convenient due to numerous traffic jams, but advantageous: a ticket will cost you about 550 rubles. The bus RIVER CAR departs daily from Yaroslavsky station. Along the way – all five hours.
Option worse: to go from the Central Shchelkovo bus station. Buses and taxis leave daily at 7:00, 8:00, 10:20, 12:58, 21:00 and 22:45. In case of positive scenario, the journey takes seven hours. The ticket will cost about 700 rubles. The exact cost of tickets and time is better to clarify in advance.
Finally, motorists can easily get to Kostroma by car. You will need to move on the Yaroslavl highway to Yaroslavl there to get to the highway A113 and focus on the signs. Distance between Moscow and Kostroma is 345 kilometers.
Bonus option for tourists, lovers of nature and travel in Kostroma is a major river port. In the summer you can get to the city from neighboring Plyos, Yaroslavl and Nizhny Novgorod on the river transport.