The most convenient and easiest way from Moscow to the platform Malinovka — it's a commuter train. From the Riga station there are more than a dozen trains on which you can get to the "Robins". For example, trains that follow the route "Moscow — Volokolamsk", "Moscow "Rumyantsevo", "Podolsk — "Dedovsk" or "Moskva — Shahovskaya" or "Chekhov — Novoierusalimsky". Trains depart almost every half hour throughout the day. And in all cases, run the train from the Riga station to the platform Malinovka 55 minutes.
You can reach the "Robins" not only from the Riga station. There is a possibility to take the train on the platform "Dmitrovskaya" — metro station "Dmitrovskaya" is in the third car from the center, and then go on the railway platform, from which trains depart. And takes 45 minutes.
You can also get to the "Robins" from the platform "Leningrad". To do this, go to the metro station "Voykovskaya" from the last carriage from the center, and then transfer to the train. The way to "the Robins" will be 50 minutes.
There is another route. You have to sit on the suburban electric train "Moscow — Dedovsk", which departs from Kursky station and go to station "Malinovka". Travel time takes 55 minutes.
There is another option — to leave the platform "Tushino". For this we need to get to the metro station "Tushinskaya" in the first car from the center, and then transfer to the train. The road to the platform Malinovka will take about 40 minutes.
Unfortunately, the buses and taxis to Robin's not coming. So you can reach the destination by car. For that we need to go from MKAD on Volokolamsk highway and continue driving on the highway M9 and go in the direction of Krasnogorsk and Istra Aalihi. 25 kilometers away from the MKAD, it is necessary to turn off the highway M9 on the left, to go around the city and take the train to the platform "Robin." Travel time will not exceed 50 minutes. But only if the road will not be a serious difficulty.