The train ride is convenient for many travelers. However, the direct railway communication between Moscow and the Mikhailovsky is not therefore necessary to go with change. For this trip fit the train "Moscow — Pskov", "Moscow — Velikie Luki", "Moscow — Riga" on which it is necessary to go to the station "Great Luke". And at the bus station near the train station, take bus No. 21 and go to station "Mikhailovskoe". The total time spent on the road, is about 9 hours.
There is an opportunity to get to Michael's and the bus. From the Shchelkovo station once a day leaving the flight "Moscow — Velikie Luki". Get off the bus you need to stop "Great Luke" and change to bus number 21 which goes to Michael. True, he makes only three flights per day, so it makes sense to reach the destination by taxi. The total journey time is 10 hours and 20 minutes without traffic jams.
Quite convenient to get to Michael's personal car, there are many options for this. According to the first, it is necessary to begin the journey on the highway M9 and go all the time straight through the Istra, Volokolamsk and Rzhev. After 150 kilometers Rzhev will be a left turn from the highway. Then the road will lead to the Mikhailovsky.
If you follow the second option, it is necessary to go on the highway M1 in the direction of Smolensk. After leaving the city to go right along the road P-33, which will bring you first to the Great Bow, and then before turning to Michael.
You can also reach Michael through Tver. For this we need to move on the highway M-10 through the Solnechnogorsk and Klin. And then go around the Tver and go through Torzhok to Ostashkov. And from Ostashkov in straight along the road P-133, it is possible to get to Michael. In all three cases, the road will take 8 hours and 50 minutes. But under the condition that the roads will be a favorable situation.