You will need
  • - metro map of Saint Petersburg;
  • - the schedule of electric trains from the Moscow station in Saint Petersburg, on the Volkhov.
To reach Gratifying is easiest by train. Of course, looking at the schedule of electric trains, which hangs at the Moscow station, the name "welcome" you will not find. But there are Pella and Ivanovo. That's exactly where you need. To make it easier to find the right train, see the part of the schedule, which marked the trains to Volkhovstroy, Nevdubstroy or Budogoshch'.
If your tour includes not only gratifying, but a few settlements located on the territory of the legendary "the Nevsky patch", you can first explore in shlissel'burg, arriving from Finlyandsky railway station to the station "Petrokrepost" and crossed to the other side, and from there by bus no. 440 to drive in Otradnoye. In this area you will find a lot of military memorials. This route will be especially interesting to fans of military and extreme tourism.
For those who prefer the bus, you need to get to the metro station "Fishing". It is located on the green line, almost at the end of it. From there in the direction of Gratifying several buses and taxis. Suitable routes including Nos. 440, 440, 682. Bus number 440 is further to Kirovsk and Shlisselburg. Quite often in the St. Petersburg room of the bus you can see the letter "K". This means that the route is commercial, benefits for bus passes do not apply.
Is that Gratifying to easier to get from Saint-Petersburg, Kolpino stations or Tosno. For example, if you are going from Moscow and decided not to call in Saint Petersburg. Kolpino you can take buses No. 483 or 483э. From the train station in Tosno in the direction of Gratifying there is a bus No. 687.
In Leningrad region there is another town of the same name. It is located in Priozersk district. Priozersky Otradnoe is a popular meeting place for tourist groups traveling to water trips on the Karelian isthmus. Nearby are the magnificent lake. In addition, many fans of silent hunting come here in the autumn – mushrooms and berries in these parts very much. You can reach it by train from the Finland station, by train to Priozersk or Forge (which, however, also go through Priozersk).