To get to Gatchina on the trains departing from the Baltic station (metro station "Baltiyskaya") on two parallel railway lines, namely the Luga and the Baltic. Preferable train Baltic direction – they follow to the station Gatchina – Baltic: it is located near the Palace of Gatchina (the walk from the station takes less than 10 minutes). On the train Luga branch you can get to the station Gatchina – Varshavskaya and walk to the Palace through the Park.

The way from the Baltic station to Gatchina takes about an hour. The interval of movement of trains is 35-40 minutes, but in the schedule there are "Windows" that lasted 2-3 hours. Therefore, when planning a trip, better to find a schedule of the trains.

All the trains to Gatchina, also pass through the railway station Leninsky Prospekt (metro station "Leninsky prospect").
To Gatchina, you can reach the ground by public transport: bus or taxi. Their final stop is Moscow square (metro station "Moskovskaya"). To Gatchina follow routes №№ 18 and 100. The headway on each route is 30 minutes. If there are no traffic jams to Gatchina will take you about an hour.
From the metro station "Prospect Veterans" to Gatchina there is a bus № 631, a journey time of around an hour, every 15-20 minutes.