Start by finding an ATM, equipped with a device for receiving money. A list of them you can find on the official website of your Bank. There is the addresses of all terminals, often labeled the desired cash-in. To find your nearest address, specify its location. You can do this by contacting online services that offer to find a place on the map on the entered search string in the address. So you learn what kind of trade or other point is the self-service terminal.
Before heading to the nearest ATM, prepare notes that you will use to Deposit money into the account. They must be whole and fresh. Also, remember that the ATM only accepts paper money. Do not forget about a possible Commission for the transfer of funds.
To activate the terminal, insert your card into a special opening reader. Next you will be prompted to enter a pin code card. Be careful when entering numbers. Try not to show dial the code that will protect your savings from fraudsters.
After accepting a pin and identification card system, you will be prompted to choose the type of banking transactions. For your purposes, select the team, offering to pay cash. Select from the options the number of accounts and define the currency you are prepared to pay (euros, dollars, rubles).
Now you need to insert the prepared money into the bill acceptor. Further, the ATM will notify you of the amount of the deposited amount and will request confirmation of enrolment to the specified account. When the operation is complete the terminal will offer you a receipt confirming the transfer of funds. Take the check and your Bank card. Your payment will be made within a few minutes online.