The Tretyakov gallery is located almost in the center of Moscow, Lavrushinsky pereulok, the house 10. It is easily accessible from the metro stations: Tretyakovskaya, Novokuznetskaya, Polyanka. Have gallery branch in which you can get acquainted with the latest art. There are the authors of the twentieth and twenty-first century. It is located at the address: the Crimean shaft, 10. Located near the metro station "Oktyabrskaya" and "Park Kultury".
If you decide to visit the main building of the gallery in Lavrushinsky lane, it is better to get through the metro station "Tretyakov" - is the shortest path. Exit the subway alone. Climb the escalator up, you will get on Bolshaya Ordynka. Skip it - you will be rested in the building of fast food restaurant. Turn left. Then right - you will be taken to the Horde impasse. Go to on it to the end, to the intersection with Lavrushensky lane. There is a building of the Tretyakov gallery will already be within sight.
Station "Tretyakovskaya" and "Novokuznetskaya" is located almost in the same place. So to get to the Tretyakov gallery, through the "Novokuznetskaya", you need to get out of the subway to Bolshaya Ordynka street and walk a few metres to a fast food restaurant. Then go the same way as described in the first embodiment.
From the metro station "Polyanka" to the Tretyakov gallery will have to reach by road. Looking for a stop of a trolley bus No. 1 or bus No. 700. Drive to the bus stop "Bolshaya Yakimanka". There the gallery will be in the aisles of visibility.
To branch on Krymsky Val can be reached on foot from the metro stations "Oktyabrskaya" and "Park Kultury". Out on the street, you need to go to the side of the Moscow river, crossing it on the bridge. Bottom left, on the beach, you will see the grey building of the Central House of the artist. It is the branch of the Tretyakov gallery, dedicated to contemporary art.