First, check music center on the presence on the front panel input jacks RCA-type jacks marked AUX or PHONO. Do not confuse them with jacks for headphones or microphones - they are not only made according to another standard, but is intended for another.
If you have not found such nests, being careful not to tear any cables expand the musical center of the rear wall to itself. There are sockets you'll likely find. Do not confuse them with sockets for other purposes, which can also be performed by standard RCA.
Now take the junk headphones. Cut them the sounders. Purchase two RCA-type plug. Strip the wires that went to the alarm. One of the pairs consists of the colorless (or yellow) and red (or orange) conductors, and the other is red or orange wire is a blue or green. All colorless or yellow wires connect to the ring contacts of the plugs, and the red (orange), and blue (green) - to the male.
Connect the cable to the player and music centre. At the last select mode called AUX or PHONO. If inputs from him, they may have a designation AUX1, AUX2 and the like. In search of the entrance, install both on the playerand in the centre of the small volume. In the future, install on player this volume, the pre-amplifier centre is not overrun, then the adjustment of the exercise from the center.
To the battery of the player is not discharged, connect the device to a special power supply that emulates a USB port. You can also use USB hub with power supply, which is connected to the unit and to the computer - no. Note that if the player is not powered from the battery and from the battery, charging the latter in any way is not allowed. Using the music center with the player does not exclude the possibility of switching them if necessary, and in other modes.